Working in HR for many years means I have come across all sorts of situations so am not easily surprised by things that can happen in the workplace... but one thing that did surprise me when I started working with smaller businesses was that many firms don’t give their employees contracts.

Sometimes owner managed businesses grow by employing people friends and family, then expanding further but without necessarily having all the right HR processes in place. With business owners juggling lots of hats, it’s understandable how this happens, but how important is it to have terms and conditions of employment agreed in writing? 

A handy guide to bank holiday dates in 2018, together with frequently asked questions guide for employers on managing annual leave and holiday pay around bank holidays.  

10th October is World Mental Health Day. The theme for 2016 set by the World Federation for Mental Health is psychological first aid and the support people can provide to those in distress.

Three years ago, I signed up to train as a Mental Health First Aider. The excellent training, provided by Mind in Bristol, has enabled me to provide immediate help to both colleagues and friends in distress, as well as running workshops to raise awareness of looking after our own and others' mental wellbeing.

Keeping up with the changing world of employment law can be a headache for busy business owners, so here is a summary of key developments expected in 2017 so you can be one step ahead:

April 2017 sees the following changes coming in:


Admiring the beautiful changing seasons around Wiltshire has inspired me to reflect on managing change in the workplace. Over the years, I have supported organisations handling varied change programmes, from major restructures, mergers and acquisitions to establishing new services and reshaping culture and values. In each case, the impetus for change has been different: whether externally driven through changes to funding, legislation or new competition, or internally to align with growth plans or to a need to review behaviours.