Mark Giles

Thank you so much for completing the employment contracts, great job! The other information was just what I needed. Thank you again for your services, you made it so easy for me!

Natalie Luckham

Kathryn really helped me to start seeing how training sessions work best past the 'PowerPoint and pens' approach! She's great at breaking down your ideas for delivery and helping you to see what matters most and how learners’ individual needs should be and can be catered for. What I've learnt from Kathryn has really helped to develop my workshop offering...


Thank you for changing my CV and transforming it so well! I like it very much and am incredibly grateful you were able to make me so marketable!

I'm applying to lots of jobs now and I'm sure it will make a world of difference - wouldn't have been possible without you. It's been great having your help, you did a fabulous job.

Roger Henwood

Kathryn’s expert help in reviewing our draft contract of employment was most helpful. She was prompt, thorough and her comments were set out in a most helpful fashion. She was a pleasure to work with.

Lisa Edwards

Kathryn helped me a great deal by tutoring/supporting me whilst I was undertaking the Certificate in Recruitment Practice, she was always at the end of the phone to answer any questions I had. Without her help and expertise and her brilliant people skills, I'm not sure I would have passed, but I did.

Debbie Pepler

Thank you for the changes to our employment contract – it was well overdue for an update.  Also thanks for the comprehensive Health Check - what an excellent document and I like the coloured feedback.  It gives me peace of mind and a plan going forward.